Asset Tracks
Management & Tracking

One solution for managing and tracking assets & inventory

Everything needed to profile, inspect, maintain, and track!
Automated Alerting

Automatic email alerts keep staff aware of service needs and item movements


No asset profile is complete without  a photographic history of the item

Access 24/7 - Monitor 24/7

Access from anywhere, available 24/7
RFID & GPS scanners work non-stop!

Open Concept Management 

Access everything you need to know about an asset in one place and with just a few clicks

Process Control Monitoring

Add process control monitoring enabled by NFC, Barcode, QRCode, or RFID scanning

Staff, Contacts & Contractors

Link staff, contacts, & contractors to assets,  service issues, inspections and alerts

Asset Tracking
Features that keep you in the know 24/7.
Assets Unlimited

With 50 end-user defined parameters for every end-user defined asset category.

Issue Monitoring

Review & access open issues organized by status using the dashboard visible at login.

Tracking Options

GPS, Bluetooth low energy & RFID tracking options for assets, pallets and staff

Workforce Monitor

Emergencies happen, know where they are when it does!

Cycle Counting

Counting inventory has never been smarter.  We've added location tracking to the counts!

Process Monitoring

Asset Trak's monitoring options provide a detailed view into the manufacturing process status

Cloud Users

Administrators access Asset Tracks using their favorite browser.  Asset Tracks is designed to take full advantage of todays wide screen monitors providing maximum visibility.

Maintenance & Inspection Staff
Mobile Users

Support staff access Asset Tracks features using a choice of tablet or smartphone apps.  Asset Tracks also supports most all rugged Android devices & built in scanners.

3rd Party Contractors
Mobile Web Users

Asset Tracks provides a mobile web browser application designed for contractors that can be accessed using any mobile device web browser.  Secure and nothing to install.

Asset Tracks is built on great customer success stories



Property Managers

Everything needed for a single property


Corporate Plans

Plan pricing based on option choices

Asset Tracks is Cloud Hosted

Access assets 24/7 from anywhere!

Asset Tracks Integrated Mobile

Support for tablets and smartphones

Asset Tracks Automation

Process monitoring made easy

Asked Questions

There are multiple options for automated messaging built into Asset Tracks.  When issues are created they are automatically dispatched to assigned staff.  It is possible to define future email messages to remind staff and contractors about events related to assets.  If using the Asset Tracks RFID or GPS options it is possible to setup automated alerts about assets moving.  Asset Tracks includes an easy to use Geofence perimeter designer to simplify setting up alert boundaries for specific addresses or business rules such as delivery location validation.  

Asset Tracks includes issue management with an issue status dashboard visible upon login.  The dashboard is organized by status and provides instant access to issues with a mouse click. 
Update status, priority levels and enable automated email alerts (escalations) to remind identified resources about open issues to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.  Issues may be generated manually or automatically from performing inspections/maintenance & sensor movements.

Asset Tracks includes end-user settings like the ability to create asset groups and categories.  For every group created it may contain any number of categories.  With each asset category defined it includes 50 end-user configurable parameters.  Asset Tracks also has an inspection form designer feature so that every asset category defined may have its own inspection form with unlimited end-user defined inspection points and multiple choice options.  All of this is instantly available on the Asset Trak mobile apps for creating asset profiles and performing maintenance and inspections.

Asset Tracks is designed to support multiple asset tagging and scanning options.  Use one or any combination of barcode, qrcode, NFC (near field communications), and RFID (radio frequency identification) to scan and identify assets.  Mobile apps load/display and provide ability to capture/update and photograph assets.  Data synchronizes with web portal automatically.

Asset Tracks mobile is offered as a stand-alone product with integration options such as import/export and web services.  We build custom web services that integrate with most existing asset management products.   Asset Tracks web services provide real-time read/write into the database.  Asset Tracks customers include users of SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle Fusion, and Microsoft.

We provide import services to assist with importing existing asset records.  We prepare your new Asset Tracks portal with your assets organized by location.  Upon logging into Asset Tracks for the first time it will be comforting to realize familiar asset records are just a click away.  

Another option is "Asset Tracks Automation" that provides real-time data with external sources such as manufacturing machines, automated scanning solutions, and 3rd party cloud data systems.


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Monthly & yearly plans available
$169.00/month for Property Managers.
Corporate plans based on options selected.

All plans include everything, no hidden fees!



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About Asset Tracks
  • Asset Tracks is a cloud hosted solution owned, developed & maintained by Stylusoft Inc.